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Low Latency USB Webcam Streaming from a Raspberry Pi to a Computer

For a robotics project that I am doing I need to create a low latency webcam stream from our robot. I wanted to use a Raspberry Pi and a USB webcam (a Microsoft LiveCam). I googled around for a while and found lots of tutorials to stream with the Raspberry Pi Camera but only a few that were to stream a USB webcam.  Finally I found this tutorial which worked once I adapted it for my webcam and home network. The latency barley noticeable! See this video to see the latency. I will summarize the tutorial with some modification for using a USB webcam instead of a screen capture. Note that you will have to replace the IP address with the IP address of you client computer (the computer which is viewing the stream).

First install gstreamer on the PI
sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0-tools gstreamer1.0-plugins-good
Then install gstreamer on the client computer. Go to the gstreamer website to find out how to download it for your OS:

Once gstreamer is…