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Summer 2016 Arduino Project

Similar to last summer my dad, Joel Fajans, asked me to write some simple arduino code for him. This code is designed to take two sets of for inputs and only output a signal if all these inputs match a user defined configuration. This code is designed to run on an arduino micro attached to a custom made circuit board.

Here is a link to the code :

Summer 2016 CERN internship.

During the summer of 2016 I had a two week internship at CERN. During those two weeks I improved a model accelerator (pictures and a video below). The model accelerator worked by having a steel ball run through two plastic tubes. At one point along these plastic tubes there is an electromagnet. When the ball enters the magnet, it passes over a light sensor which turns on the coil. When the ball reaches the center of the coil the magnet switches off. However, since the coil is high powered, to turn it on there is a capacitor bank which is being charged by a 30v power supply. When the ball passes through the coil, the capacitors release a pulse that powers the magnet. There is also a 5v power supply to power the rest of the electronics. During the first week I worked on the current accelerator mostly on the software side.  First, I familiarized myself with the code and improved its previously sub-par documentation. I noticed that when I turned the accelerator on, sometimes it did not fir…